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Williamsburg to Surry

Gloucester to Moyack/Harbinger

And a many places in-between

Please text or call 757-999-0066 or


Lucky Duck Landing Farms offers delivery to you


For the delivery fee, you can order as much or as little as you wish. You may mix and match kinds of hay (mixes of orchard, timothy, alfalfa bales) and styles of bales (small squares, extra-large bales, and rounds). We can deliver hay to one address and can deliver to another address for a fee


Please communicate your needs when delivering when you place your order. Lucky Duck Landing Farms is most likely delivering to multiple addresses, and we need to plan the times and the route. If you communicate your needs, we can schedule more efficiently.

  1. We offer delivery and drop service, meaning we unload beside or near our truck and trailer

  2. We can deliver to more than one location on your property, there might be a fee.

  3. We ask that you help us unload. The bales can be heavy, and sometimes we cannot unload without assistance. Please let us know if you cannot assist.

  4. We can move and stack inside a building or a distance from our trailer for a nominal fee

  5. We cannot deliver into muddy areas or unsafe terrain. We prefer our trucks stay on the road.  


Elevator Service

  1. We provide elevator service for $50.

  2. Please realize we will need power. We bring a 25’ extension cord.

  3. We will load the hay onto the bottom of the elevator, and we ask that someone moves the hay at the top of the elevator

  4. If you need us to load the elevator and move the hay at the top of the elevator, please let us quote this job for you.




Lucky Duck Landing Farms loads/unloads, moves the hay and drives onto your property at your risk. We ask that you are there when we deliver to guide us when driving and to help unload.

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