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Lucky Duck Landing Farms

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Lucky Duck Landing Farms is our small farm in the southern end of Virginia Beach in a community called Pungo; which only a few years back was very rural country living.

How did LDLF start? 

For many years the Stankus family lived in Pungo loving the rural setting and the friendly community that surrounded them. As time passed and the need for more land came, they began the hunt for a great property. 

A piece of property came onto the market at a very high price in 2000, but it wasn't what they were expecting. It was a pig farm within walking distance of the house!  When Chris, Charlotte and Marguerite visited the property it was a disaster; buildings were falling over, electrical systems were haywire, and garbage was everywhere.  The price and the property did not seem like what the family needed.

As time passed and the property was not sold; our family would visit the land and realized this property would not be a good fit for anyone, Unless they were willing to put a lot of blood, sweat, and work to make it beautiful once more. One had to have the vision to see its value…

Christopher, Charlotte, and Marguerite walked the property and the idea grew into the vision that was needed to jump into action. Who knew a 28-acre parcel on West Neck Road with two ponds, beautiful tree lines, open spaces could be seen through the ugly exterior?

Marguerite bought the property and the Stankus family began the process of repairing and restoring the property to something that couldn't be overlooked. Soon, the property was their office and a great place for growing crops such as corn. After many years and happiness, Marguerite gave the property to the couple that helped start it all; her son Christopher and daughter in law Charlotte. 

Then came Emily and her love for horses grew along with another dream for the property. Emily had a dream to own her own horse due to competing and riding since she was 6. Soon the family realized they all loved to spend time with the pony that they had leased and decided to make a big decision!


In 2012 the BBRF (Back Bay Restoration Foundation) had a fund raiser and during a loud auction Christopher and Charlotte debated on a big step. After some encouragement they placed a bid just to see what would happen! They won!

Surprising their daughter with her very own pony - Nimue!


What a truly great turn of events!

​After many months of boarding and realizing it takes a lot of time and money to drive so far to see Nimue; the Stankus family decided to start their own farm to spend more time with their beloved pony.


Christopher went to work: clearing land, disposing truckloads of garbage (including 250 tires!), and started the plans for a barn.  Buildings were knocked over, trees were cleared and the farm was looking better than ever. The new barn and fields were finally built in February of 2012 and Nimue moved to her new forever home.

It took a BIG vision, resilient family, and lots of work but Lucky Duck Landing Farms is now a pasture board property with over 8 fields, 3 tackrooms, and lots of space for all!​

We wish to see you soon here at our family owned business! 

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