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Lucky Duck Landing Farms

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Lucky Duck Landing Farms is small farm in the southern end of Virginia Beach, a community called Pungo which only a few years back was very rural country living.

How did LDLF start? 

For too many years the Stankus family lived in Pungo on the North Landing River.  As time passed Christopher moved to the city with his new wife Charlotte, yet they always loved the country.  Soon land was purchased and they built their own house street for Chris' mom Marguerite

LDLF began in the year 2000.  A piece of property came onto the market at a very high price, a pig farm within walking distance.  When Chris, Charlotte and Marguerite visited the property it was a disaster, buildings were falling over, the electrical system was scary and junk and garbage was everywhere.  The price just was not right.

As time passed we could see the price of the property lower several times.  We would visit just to see the land and realized this property would not be purchase by anyone unless they were willing to apply a lot of work and sweat and years to make it beautiful again.  One had to have vision to see…

But the 3 walked the property and an idea, a vision for the property was contemplated.  A 28 acre parcel on West Neck Road with two ponds, beautiful tree lines, open spaces and an area that was private was a great investment?

If one could look past the horrible condition of the land, overlook the delapated building and was a handy nature this property could be a gem in the rough. The price finally lowered and was attractive.  It was Marguerite who could really see the opportunities of this property; she took the ball and ran with it finding the financing. Marguerite always knew how to handle money and she made it happen. The property was bought, outright.  Marguerite was always a giving mother, even to Charlotte her daughter in law. She divided the property, half for Chris and Charlotte and half for her.  Thank you Marguerite!

Our daughter Emily began horse riding at five, taking lessons and some completion.  We were leasing a horse and paying money for full board.  Emily was enthralled with horseback riding and Charlotte her mom, always loved animals. She fell in love with the horses and...spending time with her daughter.

Emily was training on Nimee, an older pony, a great horse!  In 2012 the BBRF (Back Bay Restoration Foundation) had a fund raiser on the farm where Nimuee was boarded.  Emily totally loved this horse and begged for mom and dad to bid on her at the loud auction.

Chris and Charlotte were on the fence, do we take the big step of owning a horse.  We figured we would bid and just see what happened. As the bidding started, dad bid and with the encouragement of mom they bought, won our first horse!  Emily was in bliss.  Really, truly Emily loved Nimuee and Nimuee loved her.

The cost of full board is not inexpensive. When Chris and Charlotte realize the amount spent in one year boarding they could build a field and maybe some stalls. 


Chris went to work, clearing land, disposing of truckloads of garbage including 250 tires.  Buildings were knocked over, trees were cleared and the farm was looking good. The fence, tack room and four stalls were built. Nimuee was moved onto the property February 2012.

Now there are 10 grazing fields, multiple buildings and tackrooms, a clubhouse, garage and more!  We have worked and toiled to build a farm out of pig buildings.

After years of working on the property slowly

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