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Williamsburg to Surry

Gloucester to Moyack/Harbinger

And a many places in-between

Please text or call 757-999-0066 or


Lucky Duck Landing Farms
Deliveries of Horse Quality Hay from
Canada, New York, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania
Idaho, Wyoming, California and Washington 

Current Inventory

4x5 Orchard Timothy Mix Rounds $115

1st Cutting Orchard/Timothy Mix 50 lbs. $11.95

Pennsylvania 2nd cutting Orchard/Timothy Mix 55 lb. Bales $14.95

LDLF sells 50 lb. bales for $13.95. Now get more for a dollar more

New York 1st cutting Orchard/Timothy Mix 75 lb bales.

A normal 50 lb. bale of hay ranges in weight from 45 - 50 lbs.

These bales at lease 75 - 80 lbs., almost double in weight.

For just a few more dollars at $14.95 you are purchasing twice the hay!

Extra large 3x4x7 1st Cutting Orchard/Timothy Mix 900lbs. $165

Canada 2nd Cutting Alfalfa/Timothy/Orchard 50% Alf 50 lb. $14.50

Straw for your lawn, garden, weddings, and decorations 50 lb. Bales $7.95

3 String Western Straight Orchard 120 lbs. $60

3 String Western Straight Alfalfa 120 lbs. $59

3 String Western 50/50% Alfalfa Orchard Mix 120 lbs. $59

Premium Pine Wood Shavings​ Fine $6.95


We deliver. Text your address and we will quote delivery.

Lucky Duck Landing Farms provides a deliver and drop service

If you need to have the hay moved or stacked 

We also offer elevator service to load hay into your loft

Please contact LDLF for details


Paypal  and Credit Cards (4% fee)

Cash, Checks, and Cash App Accepted

Lucky Duck Landing Farms Hours

Monday – Sunday 9 – 5:30

Open Everyday! Sundays too

Please understand all hay loaded at our farm or at your location is at the risk of the customer.
Inventory and prices subject to change without notice.

Please click here to visit our page for Delivery Guidelines

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