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LDLF will begin delivering to the Eastern Shore regularly the second Saturday of every month.


Our current inventory includes small and extra squares and rounds; Orchard / Timothy and Alfalfa and mixes. Please visit for details.


We are looking for a farm so we can meet and deliver our hay to customers. Possibly a farm with a tractor to unload and load extra-large squares and rounds. We will offer some compensation. If you are interested, please contact us.


To place an order for delivery please call, text of email Lucky Duck Landing Farms at

Phone/Text: 757-999-0066  Email:


Proposed delivery dates:

2nd Saturday of each month with hopes of adding more dates

Dec 9, Jan 13, Feb 10, March 9



  1. Place an order by contacting LDLF

  2. a $15 charge will be added for the cost of fuel, labor and tunnel fees

  3. First orders will be prepaid by credit card, PayPal, Cashapp, or chime.

  4. Future orders can be paid by the above forms of payment with the added choices of cash and check

  5. If you have a larger order, we may be able to deliver directly to you for an added fee

  6. LDLF hay is guaranteed. Because of the barrier of the tunnel, you will be able to return hay the next delivery date. Please see below for details.


Please understand we will be working out the details of this process and will evolve as we go. If you have questions or comments that can help us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you!


Lucky Duck Landing Farms



LDLF Hay Guarantee and Returns

Lucky Duck Landing Farms (LDLF) strives to sell the best hay.

LDLF guarantees our hay for 7 days after you pickup or we have delivered. Please contact us immediately with concerns.

If you determine that the hay sold by Lucky Duck Landing Farms is unsatisfactory, LDLF request the hay be delivered back for inspection.  For XL squares or rounds we ask to return the hay but understand if you cannot deliver these back, but we ask you provide pictures and bring a sample of the hay. LDLF will gladly exchange the bale or give a full or partial credit.  This allows LDLF to return hay to its suppliers for credit.

If your horses do not like the hay or for other issues other than bad hay, LDLF will gladly exchange the bale less 10% restocking fee.

​Please remember, hay can be clean and great quality OR moldy, dusty or have stalks from one bale to another in the same shipment.

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